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Hotel with Spa in St. Anton - Arlen Spa

Relax and recharge your batteries on the Arlberg

Relax, recover & regain your energy in our 70m² Arlen Spa. Relaxation is simply a part of any successful holiday. Enjoy the warmth and peace of the Arlen Spa after an eventful day on the mountain and recharge your batteries so you are ready for your next adventure in the Arlberg. Whether you just want to warm your feet or give your tired muscles time to recover, Arlen Spa in winter is open daily from 16:00 until 20:00, exclusively for house guests where we serve citris water and fruits. Give yourself time to warm up and recover in our 2 person infrared sauna that operates at temperatures of 40-45°C. The climate is a dry heat, and the suggested duration is between 20-30 minutes. Benefits include relaxation and strengthening of the nervous and immune systems. Our Brine Steam Room, operates at a temperature of 45°C with a humidity level of 95%. The brine solution, composed of 3-5% iodized salt, benefits the immune system and has a positive effect on the respiratory passages and skin. A guest favorite is our Finnish Sauna, which features an automatic infusion system. The temperature ranges between 88 and 90°C, with a dry climate, and the infusion is released every 30 minutes. The recommended duration is 15-20 minutes. Benefits include improved circulation and strengthened immune system. Our Arlen Spa area is designated for adults only. We kindly ask all guests to respect each other's right to relaxation and refrain from the use of alcohol or any inappropriate behavior.

In summer, our Arlen Spa is open upon request and our Infrared and Finnish Sauna is available for use from 16:00 until 20:00, where we also provide citris water to help maintain hydration.

If you require extra attention, our reception team will be delighted to schedule an appointment with our massage specialist for you. Especially during winter, we highly recommend informing us before your arrival, as appointments tend to be in high demand.


We at Arlen Lodge are actively committed to environmental protection...

and we would be delighted if you could help us. As part of our efforts to reduce waste, we have decided to no longer offer hotel slippers. We ask for your support in this matter and recommend that you bring your own footwear, such as flip-flops, for your comfort during your stay. Thank you very much for your understanding and co-operation