Cross-country skiing on the Arlberg

High altitude trails and night cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing in St. Anton am Arlberg is a wonderful way to discover the unspoilt beauty of the region away from the busy ski slopes. This area offers a 40-kilometre network of cross-country ski trails, providing a variety of options for beginners and experienced cross-country skiers alike. The trails in St. Anton and the surrounding area of the Arlberg stretch through picturesque valleys, along rivers and offer breathtaking views of the majestic mountain peaks. The gentle routes in the valleys are perfect for beginners and offer a relaxed way to learn the technique and enjoy the winter landscape. For advanced skiers, there are more demanding routes with challenging ascents and descents that test both technique and endurance. The variety of cross-country skiing options on the Arlberg allows people to explore nature at their own pace. If you want something a little more adventurous, you can enjoy night cross-country skiing in Pettneu. On a 2 kilometre trail under a clear starry sky with floodlights, it is a very special experience. In addition to the cross-country ski trails, St. Anton also offers cross-country ski schools and hire stations that provide equipment and lessons for all levels of experience. Our Hotel Arlen Lodge offers the ideal starting point for your tours and we will be happy to advise you.

Trails on the Arlberg
  • Stanzertal trail (22 km): From the start of the trail at the recycling centre in St. Anton am Arlberg, the Stanzertal trail leads gently downhill along the Rosanna, with access points in all towns in our holiday region, to Flirsch and back again. Please take care in a blind bend shortly after the first few kilometres!
  • St. Christoph cross-country ski trail (2.5 km): Circular trail at 1,800 metres. Short descents and ascents. Good meeting point with alpine skiers on the sun terraces of St. Christoph am Arlberg.
  • Verwall trail (10 km): The Verwall trail branches off on the Arlbergstraße opposite the Hotel Mooserkreuz, where the start is located after 200 metres. The trail leads off the track through the romantic Verwalltal valley and circles the Verwallsee lake. Demanding, scenic cross-country ski trail. Constant alternation between descents and ascents. At some narrow sections with only classic tracks, we ask skaters to be considerate! Refreshments available at the Wagner Hütte.
Trails around St. Anton
  • Ganderau trail (3 km): Easy trail without challenging sections, ideal for beginners and inexperienced skiers. Start east of the Hotel Tirolerhof or at the fire station in St. Jakob am Arlberg.
  • Pettneu football pitch cross-country ski trail with night skiing (2 km): Easy, flat circuit from the Wellnesspark Arlberg Stanzertal in Pettneu am Arlberg westwards, including through the Rosanna stadium at the football pitch. Night cross-country skiing with floodlights: From December to March, every Monday and Friday from dusk.
  • Pofel trail (1.5 km): In Pettneu am Arlberg, east of the Arlberg Stanzertal wellness park between the "Rosanna" river and the motorway with an ascent and descent.
  • Reit trail (2 km): Easy, flat circuit, east of Pettneu am Arlberg, with connection to the Stanzertal trail. Ideal training circuit.